Self promotion motive behind Jupally's padayatra: Aruna

Published: Wed 01st Jun 2011 04:52 AM
Self promotion motive behind Jupally's padayatra: Aruna
Self promotion motive behind Jupally's padayatra: Aruna
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The turf war between Information and Public Relations Minister Dk Aruna and Endowment Minister Jupally Krishna Rao took another turn after the former demanded that the latter prove his commitment to the Telangana cause.

Talking to media persons after emerging out of a meeting held at Rajya Sabha Member K Kesava Rao’s residence, Ms Aruna described Mr Krishna Rao’s ‘Prajabhiyan Yatra’ as a means of furthering his political career.

 “I have never raised objections to Prajabhiyan Yatra. I had questioned him why he had not taken up the Yatra under the party flag. Mr Krishna Rao has taken up the Padayatra only to further his self interest and to gain political mileage on the Telangana issue,” the IPR Minister stated.

Ms Aruna further denied the allegations leveled by Mr Krishna Rao on Tuesday that some people were objecting to his padayatra after coming under the influence of Seemandhra leaders. The Endowments Minister had also demanded that these ‘influenced’ leaders clarify the strategy they were adopting on the Telangana statehood issue.

Responding to this, Ms Aruna demanded that the Endowments Minister himself make his strategy clear on the Telangana agitations. She further said that she would not respond to his allegations. “There is no need to react on his baseless comments,” she stated.

When asked to comment on Mr Krishna Rao submitting his resignation from the Cabinet to the Governor, Ms Aruna said, “I do not want to make any comment on his resignation. It is his personal decision.”

She said that she would work for protecting party interests and take a decision on Telangana collectively with all leaders.

The meeting was attended by MPs including G Vivek, senior leader Mallu Ravi and party leaders from Mahabubnagar district.

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