Botsa not in Dy. CM race

Published: Wed 25th May 2011 06:51 AM
Botsa not in Dy. CM race
Botsa not in Dy. CM race
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Senior Congress and Transport Minister Botsa Satyanarayana on Wednesday categorically stated that he was not in the race for the Deputy Chief Minister’s post.

Talking to media persons at the Secretariat, Mr Satyanarayana scoffed at a media poser that there were any divergent ideas among the Cabinet Ministers. He however stuck to the point that the Congress High Command would go into the merits, demerits and performance of each and every party functionary before arriving at a decision. “Who contributed to the party and the extent of his contribution to the party is important for them,” the Minister stated.

Asked whether he was in the race for Deputy Chief Minister’s post, Mr Satyanarayana replied in the negative and clarified further that the High Command would decide taking into account all sections and finalise a consensus candidate for the post. 

His clarification however threw sufficient light that there were prospects of a Cabinet Minister cornering the Deputy Chief Minister’s post sooner or later. It is round the corner and he sent a clear signal if his replies were an indication.

Further asked over his interaction in the Cabinet Meeting with Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy on Tuesday, Mr Satyanarayana made light of the question saying that whatever transpired in the Cabinet meeting need not necessarily be divulged. He suggested rather sarcastically amending the ‘Oath Of Office and Secrecy’ ceremony. “Amendment must be in such a way that the Minister after taking the Oath of Office should make public every interaction,” Mr Satyanarayana sarcastically remarked.

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