Simha Record: 50 days, 338 centres, Rs.62 Crores

Wed 23rd Jun 2010 08:55 PM
Simha Record: 50 days, 338 centres, Rs.62 Crores
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Once again ‘Simha’ has raised the new controversial discussion in cine circles with its 50 days celebrations arranged today at Hotel Marriott. Celebs from the entire film industry will be gracing the occasion but fans are deliberately kept away from the function. Hero Balakrishna has just now arrived at the venue and this celebration will be presided over by Dasari Narayana Rao.

Producer Paruchuri Kireeti speaking to the media has briefed that, ‘We are celebrating the event as Simha has scored its 50 days in 338 centres which is an all time record in the industry. Going by the speed, I feel that 100 days centres will be more than 200. Coming to collections, Simha’s first week gross was Rs. 28 crores and we haven’t shown any figures from then on. Now, Iam revealing the total figure of 50 days collection which is Rs. 62 crores. By 100 days, you can easily expect how much is going to be the total figure and how many records will ‘Simha’ be clearing off. For now, celebration of 50 days will be an event between the indsutry. We will come forward with biggest ever arrangements in the industry for 100 days function which will be attended by Nandamuri fans across the world.’

Well, it is for respective audience to interpret the genuinity behind this record. But, this is what industry sources and producer himself reveals.

Click this link to view Simha 50 days celebrations

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