Lucky hero had 32 kisses with two heroines

Lucky hero had 32 kisses with two heroines
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The film we are speaking about is ‘Mr. Singh Mrs. Mehta’ which is a sensation for nude scenes from from hot lady Aruna Shields. Hero of the movie Prashant Narayanan had as many as 32 kisses with his two heroines Aruna Shields and Lucy Hassan.

‘Iam involved in more kisses in one film than people have done in their entire career. As Sachin Tendulkar said it’s not about records, it is all about loving the game. These kisses have went to an extent that the funniest bit of miscommunication was with Aruna Shields. It was supposed to be a peck on the lips. God knows what Pravesh Bhardwaj, the director explained her and how she understood. Net result was that she pinned me down with her leg and planted a kiss that left me gasping for breath. I have forgotten how many retakes we have had to do as both Aruna Shields and Lucy Hassan don’t know a word of Hindi. We must have done more than a dozen retakes and by the end of movie, I got so bored that before they could kiss me, I just hugged them,’ said hero Prashant.
If you wanna enjoy too many kisses, enjoy this movie.

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