Amayakudu for July?

Published: Fri 18th Jun 2010 09:31 AM
Amayakudu for July?
Amayakudu for July?
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Can real fools ever fall in love? Or a person becomes one after falling in love? Only lovers may know this better. Neither you nor I can explain this.

According to director Bharathi Ganesh, the movie Amayukudu is about a guy who is innocent and always thinks for his family. His mentor R.B.Chowdhary was highly impressed with the movie after seeing the first rushes of the film. Chowdhary even asked Ganesh to remake the movie in Tamil with hero Vijay as the protagonist.

Actor Krishnudu of Vinayakudu and Pappu fame has also donned a memorable role in the flick. In all likelihood, the movie would be a landmark in Krishnudu’s career, claimed Ganesh. Human emotions and values precede over the commercial elements in the film, which is tentatively scheduled for release on July 9 next.

The entertaining movie has dance and songs to regale the audiences, suggested Krishnudu as the ‘‘dance will receive special appreciation as I have tried something I have not tried before.’’  Well-known Tamil actress Ananya who is playing the lead role, the heroione thinks the film will give her the much needed break in Telugu industry.


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