Pawan Kalyan's divorced wife married.

Published: Mon 17th May 2010 02:12 AM
Pawan Kalyan's divorced wife married.
Pawan Kalyan's divorced wife married.
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How can mega fans forget Nandini, the first wife of Pawan Kalyan who made use of the situation during last general elections to come down for a settlement with Mega family has now entered into a new life by marrying a doctor. Sources confirm that Nandini changed her name to Jahnavi and married Dr. Krishna Reddy in Grand Kakatiya Hotel and it was a low profile event.

Nandini and her family memebers were under intense political pressure to clear their relation with Pawan Kalyan and result was that a Vizag family court has issued divorce to both of them after giving the alimony. Thus, the relation between Pawan Kalyan and Renu Desai has become legal and now even Nandini aka Jahnavi is also a settled woman.

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Delete Comment Request 2. whether pawan atended the marriage to bless the couple ?
Delete Comment Request 3. He is big froad he played game with 3 ladies life.
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Delete Comment Request 8. Pawani kalyani 4th marriage kosam brathuku jatkabandi, samsaaram oka chadarangam,rachhabandalo vachhe baadhitulalo evarikanna breakup avute vallaki life iddam anukuntunnadu...
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