Iam neither a Kamma nor a Reddy.

Fri 07th May 2010 09:08 AM
Iam neither a Kamma nor a Reddy.
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You can’t get one more name like Ramgopal Varma in industry. He is so straight and so striking that, we may not have one more question to thrown him out of the court. Varma was never seen in a defensive mood from his very first release and still the same foolish and adamant even with his controversial ‘Raktha Charitra.’

Varma openly agrees that movie is based on caste and faction politics with main characters inspired from rivalry between Maddelacheruvu Suri and Paritala Ravi. Ask Varma about the real story behind this movie and his influence on characterizations, he says, ‘Suri and Ravi are like my sons. As a director I adopt the characters. People know about Suri and Ravi only as faction leaders who can blast the cars or sketch a plot to kill some one to perfection. But, they had a mental agony behind their stories which none in the society knows. Based upon the situations, both have become emotional and entered a phase of life where there was no come back. Iam neither a Kamma nor a Reddy; I don’t belong to either Congress or TDP, so I didn’t find any reason to adulterate the story line for any personnel benefits.’

So, Ramgopal Varma will be again at his best from August 11 as that is the day of release of first part of ‘Raktha Charitra’ followed by two weeks later second part will be released.

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