Shyamala, the hot aunty from Telangana!

Published: Sun 28th Mar 2010 03:21 PM
Shyamala, the hot aunty from Telangana!
Shyamala, the hot aunty from Telangana!
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For all those staunch Hinduism followers and especially the Shaiva Cult, they would be very well aware of the concept of ‘Jogini’ which prevails mostly in the region of Telangana. Jogini’s can be considered as girls who never take up their family life and dedicate their entire lives in service of Lord Shiva.

God Raja Rajeshwara Swami in famous town of Vemulawada in Telangana region is a form of Lord Shiva and a beautiful aunty Shyamala is Jogini for Lord Shiva. None knows about her back ground but she suddenly appeared before news channels from yesterday in extra ordinary traditional costumes and started to teach the beauty tips for women along with some cine related content in discussion.

TV channels started the scrolling by titling her as ‘Hot Aunty’ Shyamala. (Even a channel quoted that, Shyamala is a male named Shyam but got transformed as Shyamala) Many film personalities started chatting with her in a ‘Live Program’ on N TV.

All the callers who ever attended Shyamala were encouraging her for saving the Telugu culture using her costumes. Prabhas is the favorite hero of Shyamala and she expressed her consent to act as heroine besides him. Program was little confusing as to why did Shyamala attend the TV channels exactly.

For even a small discussion on her personnel life, Shyamala demanded a break and the subject was easily diverted. So, it was inconclusive program but Shyamala has now become a dream aunty for many.

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