F2 Fun & Frusration Closing Business

Tue 05th Mar 2019 06:01 PM

F2 Fun And Frustration Full Run Collections Shares

F2 Poster
F2 Poster
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Victory Venkatesh and Varun Tej starrer F2 Fun & Frustration directed by Anil Ravipudi is ending as one of the biggest blockbusters in Tollywood. The hilarious family entertainer has collected a lifetime share of Rs 67.84 Cr in Telugu states and 84.54 worldwide. Here is break up list:

AREA                         CLOSING SHARE (IN CRORES)

--------------------                ----------------------------------------

NIZAM                                  23.20

CEDED                                   8.90

NELLORE                                2.14

KRISHNA                                5.35

GUNTUR                                 5.88

VIZAG                                   11.00

EAST GODAVARI                      7.05

WEST GODAVARI                     4.32

50 DAYS AP & TS SHARE         67.84

KARNATAKA                              5.20

USA                                         9.20

REST                                        2.30

WW SHARE                               84.54

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