Tholi Prema 4 Days AP/TS Collections

Wed 14th Feb 2018 03:28 PM

Varun Tej Tholi Prema 4 Days AP/TS Shares

Tholi Prema 4 Days AP/TS Shares
Tholi Prema 4 Days AP/TS Shares
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Mega Prince Varun Tej’s Tholi Prema emerged as a super hit in his career. At the end of four days, the movie has collected close to 11 Cr at box office in Telugu States. Below are the detailed collections of Tholi Prema in 4 days area-wise:

AREA                                                                         4 Days Shares (In Crores)


Nizam                                                                                  4.10

Ceeded                                                                                1.25

Vizag                                                                                    1.53

East                                                                                      0.91

West                                                                                     0.73

Krishna                                                                                 0.90

Nellore                                                                                 0.36

Guntur                                                                                  0.96

Total Telugu States                                                            10.74 Cr

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