Josh Pic: First Bikini Fires In Pool

Published: Tue 21st Mar 2017 05:01 PM

Raai Laxmi Bikini Picture From Julie 2

Laxmi Raai First Bikini Picture From Julie 2
Laxmi Raai First Bikini Picture From Julie 2

This is not at all good on the part of voluptuous Raai Laxmi to hike the soaring summer temperatures generating hot bikini waves in cool swimming pool tides. After scorching the South cinema screens on fire, she is set on a journey to Bollywood with ‘Julie.’

The erotic thriller franchise got a definite new look with this movie under production from some time. For the very first time, Laxmi got into a skimpy bikini costume and was just picture perfect with amazingly shaped body. 

 ‘Here you go! Exclusively from Julie 2, my first bikini picture. Just a glimpse,’ Laxmi posted the above picture for her beauty admirers. Isn’t she too hot to resist?

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