Multiple Tragedies In Kamal Hasan Life!

Published: Mon 20th Mar 2017 12:17 PM

Kamal Hasan Reacts On Chandra Hasan Death

Kamal Hasan Calls It Fate
Kamal Hasan Calls It Fate
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Kamal Hasan, the finest of actors Indian cinema gave to world audience is presently reeling in personal tragic troubles one after the other. Last couple of years, Shani has been dancing on his head and lot of pressure is taking toll on this Universal Star.

Apart from struggles Kamal faced with Amma Government in releasing 'Vishwaroopam,' he had an accidental fall from staircase at home resulting in multiple fractures and confined to bed for six months. In the same time, his best partner Gauthami called it quits and left him. In January, Kamal lost sister-in-law that is his eldest brother Chandra Hasan’s wife in January. Most unfortunate, Kamal's father figure and elder brother Chandra Hasan passed away.

'Fate, if that’s what you call it, is certainly giving me a lot of attention. He (Chandra Hasan) was on the way back from the US, where he had been after the death of his wife. For a change of environment, he has been with his son for a few months. He was on his way back and had stopped over at London to be with his daughter for a short break from the long journey when he suffered a heart attack. Hasans are not much into rituals. It would be a quiet family funeral service. We request all friends and well-wishers to respect the family privacy.

He was a friend and good teacher. He was not just my brother but more like my father. I managed to succeed in life because of him. I did not fulfill half of the dreams he dreamt for me,' Kamal said in a grief.

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