Sexy masala by hot Ramyasri & Apoorva aunties.

Sexy masala by hot Ramyasri & Apoorva aunties.
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If you are looking for some of the dubbed sexy masala movies to hit Telugu screens. Here is the time; there is no need to wait. Just go and watch “A Aa E Ee” in near by your theatre to cool your inner heat generated thirst.

Yes, Director Srinivas Reddy is known for utilizing female side artists to the maximum satisfaction of mass audience. In fact, this is proved in “Bommana Brothers Chandana Sisters”, “Tata Birla Madhyalo Laila”.

Especially when it comes to hot aunty Ramyasri, Srinivas Reddy has a very different eye to project her. In “A Aa E Ee”, even Apoorva aunty joins the race. You find no reason or no substantial scene sequence to elevate these aunties in sexual attires. Still, their very introduction generates the fire on the screen.

The best touch of comedy in “A Aa E Ee” is that Raghu Babu always identify Apoorva aunty not by looking at her face, it is only through her revealed top assets. It is a big surprise for me that, how come censor board gave a clean U certificate for this “A Aa E Ee.”

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