Is it Mahesh Vs Ramcharan to Thrill?

Published: Sat 30th Mar 2013 03:05 AM
Is it Mahesh Vs Ramcharan to Thrill?
Is it Mahesh Vs Ramcharan to Thrill?
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Being on top with back to back hits, there are chances only for Mahesh Babu and Ramcharan to experiment on new subjects. While 'Dookudu, Businessman and SVSC' stood as three different hits for Mahesh, definitely 'Naayak, Rachcha' fall into similar flavor for Cherry. So, when the time has come for these two stars to change the trend in Tollywood thus comes Sukumar's untitled flick for Mahesh and 'Yevadu' for Charan.

Both of them are above the current commercial masala flicks. Story, scripting, execution and characterization of heroes are going to be innovative because Sukumar and Vamsy Paidipally are proved and able screen-writers cum directors who have capacity to change the formula driven Tollywood. So, if these two movies hit the screens around same's going to be more and more exciting.

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