Complete Bad Luck for Top Comedian

Mon 01st Apr 2013 02:46 PM
Complete Bad Luck for Top Comedian

Most of the audience have almost confirmed 'Jaffa' to be a definite failure much before its actual release happened yesterday. Reason is Vennela Kishore's abilities as a director were gauged so badly with 'Vennela 11/2' which was disaster by then. Without rectifying his mistakes and drawbacks, Kishore tortured the audience indiscriminately with 'Jaffa.' Even the presence of Brahmanandam and other artists like Dhanraj and Kishore could not save it.

Reviews claim this movie as one of the worst in recent times and far bad than 'Vennela 11/2' with recommendation to viewers to keep away. Infact, Brahmi's battle to become a hero in Tollywood dates back to the times of 'Babai Hotel, Loafer Mama Super Alludu' etc and his bad luck continued even for 'Jaffa' because movie stood upto its title very perfectly.         

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