Brahmi to Occupy Theatres

Brahmi to Occupy Theatres
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After a long time, we are here to see Brahmanandam as lead hero in one of the upcoming film titled 'Jaffa.' From the moment, the title and first look posters of this film are revealed to media, there was good excitement building. However, due to prolonged delay in release dates, there was a suspicion on whether this Vennela Kishore directorial will hit the screens or not? Thanks to the utter flop result of 'Vennela 11/2' which further put 'Jaffa' in troubles.

Clearing all the hurdles, now release date of 'Jaffa' is announced as 29th of this month. Multi Dimension being the distributor, good number of theatres are also guaranteed in Hyderabad region. Anup Rubens composed the music and Ramesh Varma is the producer. This is a crime-comedy film mainly targeted to cash the craze of Brahmi in Andhra Pradesh. Wish that, Kishore will bag his first hit as a director with 'Jaffa.'

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