Brahmanism Movie Censored

Fri 26th Oct 2012 10:28 AM
Brahmanism Movie Censored

Union Minister Undavalli Arun Kumar has filed a complaint with Information and Broadcasting Minister Ambika Soni to take immediate and stern action against the producers of 'A Woman In Brahmanism' movie which has been creating enough of controversies insulting the sentiments of Brahmins. In an immediate move, Ambika Soni ordered the Central Board of Film Certification to conduct a thorough investigation. 

Accordingly, the Regional Censor Officer in Mumbai, Mr. Jithendra Pratap Singh and a team of four panel members censored the Hindi Version in Mumbai. 'We have recommended nearly 50% of cuts in explicit scenes. Then deleted the words of 'Shudra' and 'Neecha Jaathi.' Telugu version was also censored on October 4,' says a report from CBFC.

The major allegation on producer is for usage of uncensored promotional trailers which are highly controversial.


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