Why Prabhas is killed in 'Rebel'?

Sun 30th Sep 2012 08:17 PM
Why Prabhas is killed in 'Rebel'?
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More then the loopholes in story and script of ‘Rebel,’ Fans of Prabhas are shaking with anger on Raghava Lawrence for killing the characterization of their hero. For entire first half, Lawrence has underplayed with Prabhas and only before interval the punch was delivered. Prabhas getting slapped brutally in the hands of Brahmanandam and other small side-villains is really indigestive even though Lawrence has done it as per the demand of script.

Same is repeated in second half during the death scenes of Krishnam Raju. While Supreet takes the lead by weeping on dead body of Krishnam Raju, hero Prabhas was cornered. Coming to duets, hot and sexy Tammu is presented more dominatingly than Prabhas. In this way, director Raghava Lawrence has literally killed Prabhas throughout the movie.

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