Can Kajal push Tamanna down?

Sun 09th Sep 2012 11:41 PM
Can Kajal push Tamanna down?

Samanta’s skin allergy has come like a blessing in disguise for Tamanna and Kajal to go one step ahead than her. Time when Sam has become the lucky mascot with 100% success ratio, even young star heroes started to keep an eye on her. That is when she got sick loosing some valuable offers. However, Tamanna and Kajal Agarwal were always in demand and were strong contenders to Top Chair. 

While Kajal took a break from South during her debut Bollywood project ‘Singham’ but she soon realized the importance of South. Now, she is queued up with offers which include Srinu-Junior NTR’s ‘Baadshah,’ Sukku-Mahesh film ‘Aagadu’ (tentative title), Vinayak-Ramcharan’s ‘Nayak,’ Raviteja’s ‘Sir Vachcharu’ and of course ‘Tupaki’ and ‘Maatran’ with Vijay and Suriya respectively in Kollywood while Tammu has ‘Ram Babu’ and ‘Rebel’ in final stages of completion before she leaves for ‘Himamtwala.’ 

Analysts speculate that, Kajal will surely take an advantage on the missing of Tamanna in South for a brief period pushing her to second or third position. Everything depends upon coming one year to finalize the spots of these babes.


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