Female Chandra Bose in 'Badrinath'

Thu 09th Jun 2011 12:20 PM
Female Chandra Bose in 'Badrinath'

Chandra Bose, the popular lyricist is a house hold name these days in Telugu families. He is rated as most versatile personality who varies his lyrics depending upon the situation given to him. In simple words, we can say that there is no Telugu movie in contemporary cinema without the name of Chandra Bose being attached to it. For ‘Badrinath’ too, except Late Veturi’s ‘Omkareshwari’ song all the lyrics were penned by him exclusive to that English song ‘In the Night So Young’ which is written by young singing sensation Shravana Bhargavi.  

Director VV Vinayak and Music composer Keeravani are known to have nicknamed Shrava Bhargavi as ‘Chandri Bose,’ a female version to ‘Chandra Bose.’ Actually, Vinayak wanted to take only Pallavi of this song in English while all the verses of Charanam were to be penned by Chandra Bose in Telugu. Unfortunately due to absence of Chandra Bose, it was Chandri Bose who took away the credit. Apart from writing this song, Shravana Bhargavi has shown an impeccable style in rendering her voice to English lyrics. So, here is female Chandra Bose in ‘Badrinath’ for you folks.


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