Raviteja forgets the failure

Sun 22nd May 2011 06:27 PM
Raviteja forgets the failure
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Mass Maharaja Raviteja’s reaction will be the same for both success and failure. He seems to be following ‘Karma’ siddhanta to just perform your duty without worrying about the result. Not even one week passed post the release and flop talk of ‘Veera,’ he is all set to announce his next project tomorrow without any delay.

Yes, Raviteja’s upcoming film will officially be announced tomorrow with the title ‘Nippu’ in direction of Gunasekhar while YVS Chowdary will be the producer. This combination looks a little peculiar with producer and director names passing through a troubling phase. Gunasekhar has taken long gap after that disastrous ‘Varudu’ while Chow had a bad experience with ‘Saleem’ and is presently dealing ‘Rey.’ Good to see these three big names coming together for powerful ‘Nippu.’ 

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