Heroine professional deal with Director

Published: Sun 20th Feb 2011 05:19 AM
Heroine professional deal with Director
Heroine professional deal with Director
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Normally outsiders consider Film industry as a rotten place with no human attitudes. But still there are heroines like Neetu Chandra and directors like Ameer who showcase the professional relations in a better way. All it was happening in the making of bi-lingual venture ‘Aadi Bhagawan’ with Neetu in lead and Ameer as director.

Despite being lying on the floors from long time with extended schedules, ‘Aadi Bhagawan’ is one of the dream projects of sex bomb Neetu Chandra. When one of their planned schedules interrupted few months ago and shooting was halted in middle, director did his best to bring back the film on track. 

When Ameer re-called Neetu about re-planning the schedules and re-shooting major episodes in Rajasthan, she did not hesitate or show any starry tantrums and participated by shuttling between Mumbai and Jai Salmer. Now, Neetu Chandra too re-arranged her dates without charging a pie extra and is going to Bangkok for next schedule. Director Ameer praised Neetu for her professionalism saying that such heroines are very rare find outs in industry. Well, it was same girl about whom Rajasekhar and Jeevitha complained long ago as indisciplined during the making of ‘Satyameva Jayathe.’

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