Genelia First Night with Macho Man

Genelia First Night with Macho Man
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Bubbly babe Genelia known more for chirpy and giggly performances is to beat all the odds this time. Yes, as per Bollywood sources Genelia is known to have got a good offer on her hand to prove herself as an actress during these Orange times of diminishing craze. Rightly, Genelia is given a role of her life time by hero Bollywood Macho Man John Abraham. Genelia will play the same role of Asin in the Hindi remake of Telugu/Tamil blockbuster ‘Gharshana.’

To hit all the critics for a big six about Genelia being rated as bubbly heroine who can’t shoulder performance based roles, she wants to give a strong reply. The popular first night song of ‘Gharshana’ where Asin played very cool will be replicated in this Hindi version but with more dosage of masala. Genelia believes that she can handle it much better than Asin. Let us see, how it will be Genelia for the first time in first night song?

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