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Dial the Number, Get Hot n Sexy Prostitute.

Thu 22nd Oct 2009 02:55 PM
 Dial the Number, Get Hot n Sexy Prostitute.

This is an ultra modern trend for Sex and Prostitution rackets in India. You might have heard of Airtel, Idea, Vodafone network, but this is altogether a different network of Prostituion and sex. With too many benefits at your door step, why can’t you utilize this network? say this sex call centre employees.

This is a modern kind of sex racket busted out by a popular News Channel. The special team employed by this channel has brought out some soaring facts in this sex racket. A company has employed few sex workers and started their business in a new fashion.

Two to three telephone numbers have been circulated as Call centre numbers of their business. Call these numbers and pay the amount for getting your ID Number. Then you need to recharge your number, with recharge cards available in multiples of Rs.200. For every recharge of Rs.200 you will get the mobile number of a hot prostitute with whom you can have a phone chat. If you like that lady, call back your Call Centre, tell your ID number and tell your address, the lady will be there at your door step for enjoyment or the company will arrange everything for you with some deposit.

Here are even the bumper offers, for Rs.2000 recharge you will get an extra mobile number that is 11 numbers of hot prostitutes. Looking at the functioning of this company, it is nothing less than a corporate style. A News TV channel’s special team has busted out this racket. That is why they say, “Dial the Number and Get the Figure”.

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