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'Bommarillu' spoof as 'YSR Rillu'

Sat 03rd Sep 2011 12:04 PM
'Bommarillu' spoof as 'YSR Rillu'

The climax episodes in ‘Bommarillu’ are solidly connected to audience. Dialogues between Prakashraj, Siddharth and Jayasudha were instantly super hits. With technology at easy disposal, designing of spoofs has become an easy job for tech-gems. One such satirical spoof on YSR and YS Jagan making round in market is YSR ‘Illu.’

If YSR took the character of Prakashraj, hero Siddharth goes for YS Jagan and Jayasudha is changed to Vijayamma. Enjoy the non stop humor by clicking this link.

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