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Sirish collected 50 Lakhs from Chiru

Wed 03rd Aug 2011 11:21 AM
Sirish collected 50 Lakhs from Chiru

Chiranjeevi’s son-in-law Sirish Bharadwaj managed to evade Police by hiding in an ashram at Medchal before surrendering in Nampally court and winning the conditional bail.  Highly placed media reports say that Sirish collected over Rs.50 Lakhs from Chiranjeevi and his family in last few years by pestering wife Srija.

Chiranjeevi family members used to regularly send money for Srija, who would seek it at the behest of Sirish. Using the same money, Sirish started an event management firm ‘Titoo’ at Banjara Hills in January. Besides Sirish confessed on collecting money from Chiranjeevi family, police gathered evidence on his beating up Srija on several occasions. 

Police learnt that Srija used to send SMSes to friends and parents whenever she was depressed due to marital problems, especially after physical attacks. During the Sangeet function of Allu Arjun marriage at Taj Krishna, Sirish reportedly came drunk to the venue and created nuisance by asking his wife to come out of the venue.

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